Teach your parrot how to speak easily

September 29, 2008

With some discipline it is possible to train your pet to be your best friend, to train it to speak and, if needed, to better it’s behaviour greatly and quickly!

Here are a number quick tips to get you started….

Make Sure that the teaching area is safe and secure. Shut and cover up all windows, and attempt to make the roomspace bright and cheerful without making it too lively. A sedate room, away from the cage of your parrot is also extremely vital.

Converse to your bird quietly and make sure that your bird understands that these training lessons are enjoyable. Speak to your parrot and sometimes provide tiny titbits. Generally titbits can be utilized as a reward for good work but specially with an timid bird, a little titbit can help in communication your pet that this is enjoyable.

While maintaining a serene and cheerful voice, slowly move your finger closer to your bird. Gently press your finger against the parrot’s stomach and say, “Up” Many parrots will step up automatically when something pushes against the stomach, so learning this skill usually takes just a few training periods.

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